Nando’s, Cambridge


Nando’s Restaurant Group


Flat Roof Areas, Nando’s Restaurant, Cambridge


High Performance Liquid Applied Polyurethan Membrane as part of a BUR system

Nestled among the steeples and ancient medieval university buildings of central Cambridge, Nando’s occupies an old Georgian style building, which but for a narrow alleyway behind a pub, is seemingly land-locked, thereby making this small project as much of a challenge as any of our much larger undertakings.

In recent months, the restaurant had been having to manage roof leaks, having to reduce the number of covers to ensure their customers were unaffected.

RDWS Ltd were successful in securing this long-awaited roofing project.

Our partner manufacture, in this case Centaur Waterproofing Technologies Ltd, carried out a full condition report. Their recommendations were for one of the roofs to be fully stripped and replaced with new insulation and waterproofing whilst the 2nd roof required a simple roof overlay.

Since the roofs were not only effectively ‘land-locked, they were also small with a heavy build-up of M&E plant, roof lights, cables, pipes as well as a bird netting system.

All of which made even just accessing the roof quite a challenge, let alone bringing in materials, scaffolding and removing waste.

Liaising with the adjacent bar and negotiating for critical access at certain times was crucial in ensuring the smooth running of this project.

But most importantly, the project was delivered with ZERO health & safety incidents, accidents, or injuries.

Everyone to Come Home Safely !