Pinkerton Court Flats


Curchod & Co


3 Blocks of Apartments within Pinkerton Court Estate


High Performance Bituminous Membrane - BUR

Pinkerton Court Estate is made of 3 blocks of low-rise apartments, built circa 1970’s.

The residents across all 3 blocks had been suffering continuous and sporadic leaks into both private apartments as well as the common areas for many years.

A strategy of ‘patch repairs’ over the years had provided short-term remedies, only for the leaks to reappear after a few months.

Our partner manufacture, Moy Materials carried out a full condition report for us and specified a number of options from a complete re-roof to a full overlay – which was the route chosen by the residents.

As well as the roofing system, we also renewed the roof lights and improved the roof top and ground drainage which had become blocked.

The project was delivered ahead of programme, to budget and with both the manufacturers Single-Point 20 Year Guarantee

At the very top of our project targets, the project was delivered with ZERO health & safety incidents, accidents, or injuries.

Everyone to Come Home Safely !